Mira Foundation

10$ per bracelet sold will be donated toThe Mira foundation. TheQuebec-based community-based organization which pursues the following stated objective: "to bring greater autonomy to handicapped people and to facilitate their social integrationby providing them with [guide and service] dogs that have been fully trained to accommodate each individual's needs of adaptation and rehabilitation."

Mira’s activities and services are based on the concept of body equality: what is accessible to all must be accessible to people with disabilities. Within this framework, the organization’s mission has the following objectives:

disabilities using guide dogs and service dogs.
•Provideservices freely to all beneficiaries, regardless of their income.
•Improvethe mobility and orientation of people with disabilities so that they can move about freely in their daily lives.
•Createan individual intervention plan adapted for each beneficiary that considers the beneficiary’s level of autonomy, social and professional context, and mobility needs.
•Promotethe benefits of service dogs in public places, schools, and public transport.

Mira innovates by way of its programs, dog training and fundraising activities. Since its creation, over 3,700 dogs have been offered free of charge to people living with disabilities. This success is largely due to support from the public. Without this help, Mira would not be what it is today.

Moto Quebec

One of our favorite seasons is right around the corner. Soon we willbe able to unveil our motorcycleand ride. There isthis saying that no matter how bad your day is, your bike will make you feel better.

Thereforethis year, not only do we get to flash our motorcycles, but we alsoget to do it in style with our newbiker collection in collaboration with Moto-Quebec.

For every bracelet sold, 5$ will be given to sensitize our peers to road safety.

The Moto Québec Association is a young organization created in 2018 by the Quebec Road Safety Education Foundation and Tecnic driving schools. Despite our young age, we are already the largest motorcycle association in Quebec!

The goal was to create an inclusive association for all levels of experience and all motorcycle enthusiasts, regardless of the style or brand of motorcycle, three-wheeler or moped. We want to become the reference for motorcyclists with professional and credible advice on road safety, information on the best rides, travel, maintenance and purchase of your motorcycle and industry news.


In 2016, Véronique Cloutier and Louis Morissette created their Foundation to support the orphan cause of permanent housing for adults with autism.

Create living environments adapted to the needs of adults aged 21 and over with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) where they can flourish, throughout their lives.For every bracelet sold, 5$ will be donated directly to the cause that has been very close to our hearts.

Ada Jade Bracelets

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