Elixir Bottles

Elixir Bottles


      Drinking water is an essential part of our lives, but is our water always pure and energized?

      By merging water and stones, it integrates the healing energy crystals into our bodies.
      The crystalized water bottle works on a vibrational level. It transfers the properties of the semi precious stone into the water. The water charges itself with energy. It has the ability to help promote and soothe our minds and feelings as well as aligning our chakras
      Unlike ordinary water bottles, the use of the Inspire Crystal Infused Water Bottle combines the natural healing properties crystals into your drink. This is not only beneficial for the mind and body, but also for the environment by avoiding plastic bottles.

      They are a must-have and a companion for everyday life.
      Fill your water bottle, leave it for about ten minutes and then enjoy your refreshing gem-laden drinking water.

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