Our story

Our story

At Ada Jade, we guide our clients to connect with their inner selves through the transformative and energetic power of crystals and how they can be integrated into their daily lives to facilitate healing, spiritual growth and fulfillment and choose the crystal that most resonates with them.

Our energy inspired products is the result of years of creativity and learning to strengthen our state of mind; through meditation, crystal healing and a focus on gratitude and intuition, staying focused on our vibrational energies.

We pride ourselves on carefully selecting our crystals, providing a quality personal experience, and using only authentic semi-precious stones and crystals 

Believing in the importance of giving back to those in need, we have partnered with several non-profit organizations such as the Mira Foundation, Véro & Louis, Moto Québec and the Breast Cancer Foundation. We donate a portion of our profits directly to the various foundations.

About Aline Alieh

Having grown up with a passion for geology, I have always dreamed of sharing my knowledge of what our planet has to offer through crystals and minerals. It is only over the years, that this passion has allowed me to discover an artistic side in me.

I started Ada Jade in January 2020, after many years of anxiety and self-questioning. The energy and chemical composition of the stones allowed me to refocus and find myself. Each of my creations tells a story, the story of the feeling of the moment.