The happiness of living

The sacral chakra is the chakra of pleasure. That of the happiness of living.
It directs your emotional, carnal and personal behavior.

Concretely, in your everyday life, it allows you to experience pleasure through your five senses.

Your child's hair that you caress to put him to sleep, the beauty of a sunset, the taste of your coffee in the morning, the smell of wet leaves that remind you of your 5 years old, or a song that reminds you of the love of your life.

Enjoy yourself

The sacral chakra allows you to connect to your desires.
Often associated only with sexuality, it influences all of your desires.
It makes you appreciate your moments of relaxation and pleasure.
It helps you not to limit yourself to your comfort zone and to leave room for your creativity and your desires.
The more you enjoy certain things, the more you want to experience others.
You want to go further in your passions and interests. You blossom.


If the sacral chakra is well balanced, it offers you the necessary fighting spirit to take up challenges.
It acts directly on your confidence and motivation. On what you must undertake to create, to push your limits and to blossom.
The break that is currently imposed on us is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better.
More than ever, it is the time to take the time to ask yourself what you want for your life, your body, your mind.
What makes us happy and gives us pleasure? What motivates us to reach our goals?
Take the time to connect to your desires.
Take time to realize the positive benefits of nurturing and nurturing them every day.

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