Natural Gemstones Healing Power - Lithotherapy explained

Crystals are present all over the world; rainbow of colors and in thousands of shapes. Some are superb, others modest, insignificant even, if we ignore their value.

The power of stones has been known for thousands of years, as well as their decorative, protective, healing role and their ability to make things divine, to make things manifest, to share energy.

The popularity of crystal healing is growing, as is their use to intensify energy.

A crystal is placed once or twice a day on the problem area and left there for 15 minutes or is worn for a long time, like on a bracelet for example.
The crystals eliminate or block negative energy and then replace it with positive vibrations.

What is lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is an unconventional medicine that uses stones to heal. The term comes from the Greek word lithos, meaning stone, and therapeia, meaning cure.

According to the principle of lithotherapy, they would emit vibrations, they would have a resonance capable of acting on the body to improve the well-being of the person in contact with it, or at least near it.

Lithotherapy would help to overcome many difficulties such as ; 

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • exhaustion
  • sleep disorders
  • mental agitation
  • joint pain
  • or lack of self-confidence

The gray days are ahead of us. The days are getting shorter and the lack of energy is starting to take place. Take time for yourself, meditate, breathe and wear your stones. 




Reference : L'encyclopédie des cristaux - Judy Hall

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