How to recharge stones and crystals in lithotherapy

Whether you want to get rid of certain energies or attract others, the care of your stones plays a crucial role in the benefits you will get from them.

This article explains the complete process for you to get the most out of the vibrational energy of your crystals.

Cleaning your stones to better recharge them

This is the first step in energizing the stones. They must be cleansed to get rid of the negative energies they contain in order to reintroduce your positive intentions. Thus, you harmonize your own positive wills with your good stones.

Purification by water:

One way to cleanse one's crystals is to restore their connection to nature by exposing them to water.

To do this, two methods are available:

  • Leave your crystal under water for a few minutes;
  • Place it under the rain for a period of about 5 minutes.

The water has the ability to wash out the negative energies of your stones. It is a "reset" to make them ready to be recharged.

Ada Jade has designed water bottles that allow you to soak up the maximum energy of your crystal. The crystal being inside the bottle, it keeps pure when in contact with water. Placed under the light, your bottle energizes the water while recharging the stone.
(See, below, in the section how to recharge stones in lithotherapy)

Purification by fumes:

This is the quickest purification process, but does carry some risk.

Exposing your stones to the smoke of a candle or incense is enough to eliminate the negative energies of your crystals. However, if the smoke or heat source is too intense, it is possible to damage your stones. For example, the purple color of an amethyst can turn yellow when heated too strongly.

Please note that exposure to smoke should be done at about 15 centimeters above the flame
Ada Jade has designed candles with stones and bracelets embedded in the candle wax to give you neutral crystals from the start.

How to recharge stones in lithotherapy?

You have bought stones for their energetic properties and you have heard that you should recharge them.

You should know that there are several ways to energize your stones, Ada Jade recommends two of them.

Since each stone is composed differently, keep in mind that some are more fragile than others. Precautions are therefore necessary.

Re-energize your stones with light

Natural light is the easiest way to energize your crystals. Under sunlight or moonlight, be aware that an important nuance must be taken into consideration before choosing one of these methods.

By solar light

Light being the best way to recharge your crystals, keep in mind that the type of light is important not to damage them.

Sunlight being much more intense than moonlight, consider this simple rule of thumb: the darker a stone is, the better it will react to the power of the sun's rays. On the contrary, the lighter the stone, the more it will need to be exposed to moonlight to avoid damage.

Depending on the opacity of your stones, you can also expose them to sunrise and sunset light. The light rays are softer than those of midday and recharge your stones without damaging them.

Depending on the aspect of the sky, cloudy or sunny, the charging time varies from one hour to a full afternoon.

By moonlight

For other stones requiring a little more care, moonlight is the most appropriate way to recharge them. Reflecting the sun's rays, the moon offers a softer light for recharging the positive energies of your stones.

IMPORTANT: Full moon nights are optimal for recharging your crystals. In the case of a partial moon, if the reflection of the sun's rays on the moon is not strong enough, it may be necessary to continue the operation several consecutive nights.

IMPORTANT: To recharge your stones, it is necessary to place them directly outside. By placing your crystals behind a window, the process takes longer to achieve the same result.

Finally, although other methods of recharging are proposed on the internet, Ada Jade recommends these as the most natural and, above all, they have been proven over the decades.

To make them work to their full potential, you can repeat these operations when you are going through particularly difficult times emotionally.

In summary

Your stones will act like sponges. If they are saturated with negative energies, they will not be able to absorb the positive intentions you wish to transmit to them. In doing so, they will release less benefits specific to your needs.

Want to learn more about the properties of your stones, visit our properties page

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