How to recognize a real stone from a fake?

Most natural stones are used in lithotherapy because of their multiple virtues. They make it possible to treat various disorders, both physical and psychological. With that said, for the treatment to be effective, it is necessary to use real stones. But, how to recognize them?


What is a natural stone?

Above all, it is important to define what a natural stone is. In reality, it is a stone of mineral or organic origin. According to gemological specialists, Earth is home to around 450 species of stones that have different characteristics and colors. They are classified into several categories. Today, we'll be focusing on semi-precious stones.


Semi-precious stones

Also called fine stones, they are also widely used in jewelry. Just because they have the title "semi precious" doesn't mean they are low quality. Transparent, semi-precious stones are often very elegant. Only, they are not part of the four gems mentioned above. There are different types of gemstones, to name only garnet, jasper, carnelian, opal or pearl.

Be aware that a counterfeit stone often looks too perfect. You can recognize it by its overly bright color and shine. In addition, it often contains impurities or inclusions. The price is also a clue that should caution you.

In short, to recognize a real stone from a fake, you must carefully observe its appearance. Carrying out some tests such as the lighter flame or the scratch is also possible on some gems. Getting professional help is also a good idea. Do not hesitate to buy a real stone to enjoy the benefits of lithotherapy, a practical, effective treatment method without side effects.


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